Life Coaching for Individuals

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If you are looking for personal growth, self development and life fulfillment, one-to-one coaching could be golden if you find a coach who is an excellent match for you. As your personal life coach, I become your personal and/or professional confidant and ally. 

My life coaching provides life-changing states of being and aha moments that result in transformation for beginners. It creates ongoing high-level evolution for those who meet with me regularly as part of their lifestyle, similar to people using a gym to consistently stay in shape.

My coaching is anything but ordinary. I offer powerful coaching with presence and personalization. What does that mean? I combine deep listening, keen intuition and a connection to your unique, fullest potential. I create an evidence-based space for positive change and life fulfillment. We’ll use your learning style, personality and multiple intelligences to individualize our relationship and sessions to meet your needs. You also have the option of integrating a tarot and/or oracle card reading into your session as a tool for self-discovery!

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Feeling drawn? I offer complimentary Discovery Sessions for us to meet, talk about the transformation you’d like to create in your life, explore how I can help you get there and how long it might take. You may also have a game-changing sample session to help you get a feel if we are a good match.

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If we aren’t a match, I know hundreds of coaches I can connect you with! Afterall…I train, mentor and coach coaches! ❤️

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Woman considering who she is

I Want to Align My Outer Life to Who I am Inside

Example of topics or overall agenda:

  • I want help prioritizing which areas of life I want to work on and break down ways to bring alignment and change
  • I want to clear physical and mental clutter to make room for what truly matters to me
  • I want to integrate spiritual practices into my life that nourish my spirit
  • I want to have more fulfilling relationships that support me being fully me
  • I want to explore my life purpose and calling
  • I want to dive deeper into who I am and really get to know my true self better
woman who wants to express herself

I Want to Express Myself More Authentically and Live More Colorfully

Example of topics or overall agenda:

  • How can I develop my voice?
  • There’s a book inside me and I need help getting my story out.
  • I want to explore being more bold and not playing small.
  • I want to get past the block of caring about what others think.
  • What is no longer serving and what should I bring in to live my fullest potential?
  • I’ve always done what my family, friends or others say I “should” do and need to get myself back and be comfortable being who I am.
  • I want to get to know my true self deeper
Couple in a fulfilling, loving relationship

I Want Support with Dating and Creating a Fulfilling Love Relationship

Example of topics or overall agenda:

  • I want to try online dating, post divorce, and want support as I process through identifying deal breakers and knowing what I want.
  • I want to gain clarity on what I want in a long term relationship.
  • I want support bringing mindfulness and loving kindness into my relationship.
  • I’m going to be coming out to my family and am concerned that stress from that will affect my relationship.
  • I’m not feeling completely fulfilled in my relationship. I desire more depth and emotional connection and am not sure how to talk about it with my partner. I want to experience a more sacred union.
Couple practicing conscious parenting

I Want to Be a More Conscious Partner, Parent and  Leader in My Family

Example of topics or overall agenda:

  • I want to incorporate the seven attitudes of mindfulness in my parenting: non-judging, patience, beginner’s mind, trust, non-striving, acceptance and letting go to have more peace of mind and less stress.
  • I want ongoing support with parenting my toddler, school age child or teenager.
  • I want to help my partner and I to be on the same page.
  • I want to help my child self-manage when they’re creating unhealthy habits.
  • I need to balance family responsibilities, a quality relationship with my partner and self care.
  • I want to keep my passion alive and not lose myself.
  • I want to adopt a more natural and healthy lifestyle for myself and my family.
Person who wants to explore her sexuality and gender

I want to Feel Comfortable in My Skin and Explore My Sexuality and/or Gender

Example of topics or overall agenda:

  • I’ve been with the same partner for 15 years and want to explore ways to bring more spark into my love life.
  • I’m newly divorced and want to explore my sexuality now that I’m going to be dating.
  • I’m becoming increasingly curious about my gender identification and sexual orientation and want to process through it.
  • My body has changed since having cancer and it’s affected my sex life. I want to explore new ways to create intimacy with my partner.
Woman who wants work fulfillment

I Want Career Fulfillment

Example of topics or overall agenda:

  • I want to start my own company and need help managing all the pieces and keeping my momentum.
  • I’m getting a new certification and want support the next 6 months as I develop ideas for my business.
  • I want to figure out how to pull off starting a business while working my day job and being a good mom. I’m going to need accountability to stay on track.
  • I feel stuck and overwhelmed and want to organize and break down tasks.
  • I run one company and am involved in a couple of start ups. I need support managing all the pieces and priorities.
  • I want ongoing support to balance my projected goals and goals that come up along the way that are also important.
Woman who is young at heart

I Want to Create a Vision for My Wiser Years and Stay Young at Heart

Example of topics or overall agenda:

  • My body is changing and I want to figure out how I can be active and meet my fitness goals in a way that satisfies me.
  • I want to make a positive impact through volunteering or starting a small business and need help coming up with a plan.
  • Health issues have affected my sex life and I want to figure out solutions to maintain a satisfying sex life and intimacy with my partner.
  • I want support navigating dating and online dating sites after the loss of my partner.
Clutter cleared

I Want to Simplify, Clear Clutter & Create a Living Space that Feels Good to Me

Example of topics or overall agenda:

  • I want to take the next 3 months to reorganize some spaces in my home and want support to accomplish it.
  • Where do I start when there’s much to do?
  • How do I deal with my emotional attachment when letting things go?
  • How can I make my space feel better to me?
  • When I put effort into making our home space nice, my family members repeatedly destroy what I’ve done. I’m frustrated and need help coming up with a plan to create and maintain a space that feels good when we’re not all on the same page.

I Want Coaching for Personal and Spiritual Growth

Example of topics or overall agenda:

  • I want to release mental clutter and increase positive self talk.
  • I want to find greater inner peace, knowing and centeredness.
  • I want to create a lifestyle and career that integrates my passion and sense of purpose.
  • I’m exploring several healing and personal transformation modalities and want to coach with someone who has experience to help me process and integrate.
  • I want to gain deep self awareness of who I am and what my life purpose is.
Woman who wants to be a leader at work

I Want to Be a Better Leader at Work

Example of topics or overall agenda:

  • How do I build a positive team culture?
  • What can I do to help our company reach short and long term goals?
  • I’m feeling overwhelmed and feel I need to delegate, but it also feels like no one can do what I need to have done but me.
  • I’d like coaching to develop my emotional intelligence, working through difficult episodes I’m having with people on my team.
  • I hold a high level leadership position and want help staying grounded and centered spiritually.

I want to Identify My Core Values and Walk My Walk

Example of topics or overall agenda:

  • I feel like I’m playing small at work and want courage to play bigger. If I’m clear on my values it might motivate me to invest in them as I build courage.
  • I want to explore where I’m on auto-pilot and living a life of unconscious habit.
  • I want to explore my authenticity and be more real.
  • I want to figure out how to say no to things when it doesn’t feel right to do them, yet it’s hard because my tendency is to be a giver.
  • I want to work on speaking my truth, standing up for what I believe with my husband and boss.
Sad woman who needs support through divorce

I Want Support through Divorce and Creating a New Chapter

Example of topics or overall agenda:

  • Going through a divorce feels like a marathon. There are so many parts, I feel like I need help sorting through all the pieces.
  • I’ve heard of emotional intelligence and want to develop that to help me manage difficult situations.
  • I feel the need to develop a new sense of myself and don’t know where to start.
  • I need support with dating in this new chapter.

Woman with time management problems

I Want Support with Time Management and Organization During My First Year of College

Example of topics or overall agenda:

  • I have classes, homework, clubs and work and I want help with how to manage organizing it all and making sure I get everything done each week and spend time with friends.
  • I want to explore what I should do “when I grow up.”
  • I’m a single mom and want help managing how to balance school and motherhood and manage stress.
  • I want an ally I can check in with weekly to help keep myself on track.
  • I don’t always want to call home when I’m feeling stuck. I’d like help, so I can build confidence and independence.
Woman who wants to decrease her stress

I Want to Decrease Stress and Manage Anxiety

Example of topics or overall agenda:

  • I’m going through a stressful transition and want ongoing support to stay out of overwhelm.
  • I’m always feeling overstimulated and want support creating a plan and having accountability to fix this.
  • I seem to take on other people’s feelings and want to figure out how to lessen the anxiety this give me.
  • How can I self manage to be successful with responsibilities?
Woman who wants to get out of her comfort zone

I Want to Get Out of My Comfort Zone and Explore My Edges

Example of topics or overall agenda:

  • I feel like a “plain Jane” and want to update my style. Help!
  • I want to start thinking more out of the box in general and want to explore how I can do this in different parts of my life.
  • My life feels stale and I want to take the next few months for a life review and update.
  • I want to explore who I could I be if I didn’t care what people think.
  • I have a bucket list of things I want to try, and want accountability to plan them.
  • I want courage to be more bold and strong in general.
Woman on beach considering a health challenge

I Want Support During a Journey with a Serious Health Challenge

Example of topics or overall agenda:

  • I want to help others in my same situation and I want encouragement and support to stay on with this goal.
  • My body has changed since having cancer and it’s affected my sex life. I want to explore new ways to create intimacy with my partner.
  • I feel like my identity has been changed since my diagnosis and I want my old self back.
Woman wants to be a certified life coach

I Want Support as I Go through the Process of Becoming a Certified Life Coach

Example of topics or overall agenda:

  • I want support staying on track with requirements from my coaching program/school while balancing other responsibilities.
  • I want to explore how I’m using my time in order to achieve my goals when I have so much on my plate.
  • I want to be coached as I build my coaching practice while I’m getting certified through the ICF.
  • I want support with building my confidence as I become a coach.
  • I want a coach that models the ICF Core Competencies while she coaches me in our sessions.
  • I want to integrate my passion into my career life and develop my purpose, mission and vision.
Life Coaching Session

I Want ___________________ in 2022 and beyond. (choose your own adventure)

Example of topics for coaching sessions:

  • I want to have  _____________________
  • I want to know _____________________
  • I want to see  ______________________
  • I want to experience ________________
    I want to feel ______________________

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