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I meet you where you're at, connect deeply and co-create lasting change.

I inspire you to create the clarity, plan, mindset and confidence to create what you want next in life.

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Life Coaching

Want to shift forward in your life?

An ICF and UW-Madison certified coach, I'm passionate about inspiring people (most of my clients are women and women-run small businesses) through empowering change and transformation. Going deep into who we are, getting clear about what we want, creating plans and then making it happen is extremely powerful and fulfilling.

If you want to get unstuck, gain clarity on your vision, create momentum, complete a project, stay on track, get support through a major life or career change or turn big goals and aspirations into reality, personal coaching might be for you! Schedule a complimentary, 2-hour Shift Forward Coaching Session to experience coaching and see if we are a good match. You have nothing to lose and self empowerment to gain.

My private (1:1) coaching engagements typically last three months to one year, depending on short or long-term goals, with the most popular being six months and next popular being three months. After completing a coaching engagement, some clients retain our relationship for tune-ups as needed on a "punch card" basis; rather than meeting at a revolving appointment time, as offered in an engagement. 

What can you expect from every coaching session and your overall engagement with me?

  • A bold, courageous partnership
  • A nonjudgmental, confidential ally
  • Support, structure and accountability
  • Compassion, empathy and presence
  • Active, higher level listening
  • Evidence-based, professional coaching 
  • Empowered growth and self awareness
  • Life changing sessions and lasting results
  • Adherence to core competencies and ethics

Small Group Coaching for Women

Want to grow personally while connecting in support with other women?

Small group coaching is similar to private coaching. We work with a unified theme and group agreement about how we want to be together while each member has their own individualized goals. 

What can you expect from small group coaching sessions and our overall engagement?

  • A bold, courageous circle of women
  • A safe, nonjudgmental space to be vulnerable and take risks
  • Learning from one another
  • An economical and community-based option to experience coaching
  • Support, structure and accountability
  • Confidentiality, empathy and presence
  • Evidence-based, professional coaching 
  • Empowered growth and self awareness
  • Life changing sessions and lasting results
  • Adherence to core competencies and ethics

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Classes & Events

Spring/Summer classes being announced soon!

Requested topics you've sent in for me to include:

  • Women's Mind, Body Spirit Wellness
  • Life Visioning and Goal Setting
  • Using the Chakra System as a path to Self Awareness & Personal Growth
  • Using your Circle of Influence to Create Positive Change 
  • Meditation and Guided Visualization
  • Holistic Living and Lifestyle
  • Heathy Eating and Food Prep
  • Creating Sexual Health and Wellness Naturally
  • Core Values Exploration
  • Creating Equanimity in Relationships
  • Soft Skills for Men 
  • Creating a New Chapter through Divorce

Women's Fall retreat details coming soon!

Save the date: Saturday, September 22

(Fall Equinox)

Location: Perennial Yoga and Surya Café (Earth Room)

Fitchburg, Wisconsin

Join Theresa Ann Coaching, TLJ Coaching and Consulting and Raining Glitter Coaching for a fall equinox women's wellness retreat!  This half-day event is the perfect opportunity to relax, catch your breath, and practice techniques to replenish your mind, body and spirit.

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My SHIFT FORWARD sessions last about 2 hours. You experience what coaching is and see if we match.

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