• Align your life and work to who you are.

    Welcome! I’m Life Coach Theresa.

    I offer self-discovery tools, personal practices and a nurturing community to help you now yourself, what you want, and how to create it through in-person and virtual classes, 1:1 and group coaching and experiential events, so you can create a life and/or business aligned to who you are and what you believe you’re here for.

    Summer 2023 Schedule Announced Soon!
  • Honoring our diverse gifts will bring humanity to a brighter future.

    Do you feeled called? The world needs your gifts during this time of change.

  • Know and Use Your Gifts and Strengths

    Join us in our in-person and virtual learning labs to identify and intentionally practice the innate ways we are uniquely able to see, sense, and interact with the world, so we can use our abilities to fulfill our purpose, answer our calling and create the reality we desire, even if we don’t know what it looks like yet. Manifestation requires being in the NEW and the NOW.

    We laugh and cry together. We hold space, heal and grow together. We allow our love to be greater than our fear.

    Together, we come home to ourselves again and again.

    Keep me in the loop for events!
  • Come home in 2023!

    Due to an injury that limited the use of my hands, 2022 was a sabbatical for me. But…aligned with my opportunistic nature, I experienced silver linings!

    I tapped into my brain’s unique strengths such as visionary thinking and finding patterns and connections. I dove deeper into tools such as archetypes, astrology, Human Design and Gene Keys for further self-discovery and life and business alignment.

    I connected my take-aways with findings from my most recent case studies with coaches, holistic entrepreneurs and other self development seekers.

    I’m so excited to share my findings and requests from you! You’ve shared that you want to know yourselves more deeply, align your lives and businesses to who you are and live the lives you feel you are here to live.

    I see you and am ecstatic about what we’ll explore together in 2023!

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Break out of your container and your comfort zone!

Theresa Ann Coaching can help you shift forward and make positive change. I want to make sure you feel comfortable going deeper and building a lasting relationship, which is why I offer a free complimentary 2-hour session. Schedule a free one-to-one coaching session today.

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