Theresa Ann Stuesser, PCC, PLCC, UWCPC, BSEd

I meet you where you’re at, connect deeply, and co-create lasting change and transformation.

Theresa Ann life coach

Every person’s life is a mosaic of their conscious and subconscious beliefs, experiences, knowledge, emotions, thoughts, mindsets, words and actions. Not only do I have professional training as a life coach, but each piece of my past experiences — in my work and life experience — have created my own life mosaic that helps me to serve my clients and the mosaic that they are creating for themselves.

Synergizing my experience from 30 years combined as a professional educator, executive administrator, trained intuitive, spiritual coach, highly credentialed ICF coach, coach trainer, and coach mentor, I guide individuals and coach entrepreneurs to clarify a vision with purpose and a plan of execution for success.

In addition to a vision and a plan, I nurture a trusted, safe, and supportive relationship so my clients feel held mentally and emotionally through their process of transformation so they don’t feel alone. My clients are always treated like human beings and never feel like they are a number.

Who I Work With

Though all are welcome, I specialize in creating powerful alliances with female coach entrepreneurs who use their passion and position to make a positive impact for the benefit of others and want to identify and serve their unique tribe. The micro-niches I’m spending most of my time with lately are 1.) ICF coaches in training who are discovering the intersection of the coaching core compentencies and their unique passion, and 2.) emerging coaches who are launching their coaching practice, and 3.) coaches who are developing their message, marketing, and branding to make greater impact. My offerings include private one-on-one coaching and group coaching, group coaching and retreats and other events through my self-development company, Mosaic of Self Institute, LLC.

Passionate Sampler of Life

When I’m not coaching or teaching, I enjoy a wide array of activities. These things turn me on: neuroscience, right-left brain balance, quantum physics, somatics, multiple intelligences, personality assessments, enneagram, brand archetype assessments, positive psychology, Ayurveda, Kundalini, Chakras, intuition, mindfulness, holistic and natural living, edible and native plant gardening, cooking, meditation, yoga, weightlifting, stand up paddle boarding, canoeing, cycling (especially on my fatbike), camping, hiking, nature, hammock naps, dancing, live music, festivals, craft beer, craft spirits, website design, social media, solopreneurship, being with my daughters, entertaining and hosting parties…and LIVING LIFE TO THE FULLEST!

Who I Am and Who I’ve Been

Professional Coach

A professional coach, I am experienced in the art and science of personal, group, and business transformation. I am a certified life coach holding a PCC credential with the International Coach Federation, and I have Professional Life Coach Certification from the University of Wisconsin – Madison.

Integrating my clients’ unique learning styles, their multiple intelligences and individual holistic needs, I facilitate experiential coaching sessions guiding them to the answers within for the sake of helping them embody and live out their full potential. When I’m coaching an individual, I see the whole person and their full potential. My passion is to assist my clients in the deep personal growth needed to see themselves in their highest vision and align their outer world with who they are on the inside in order to be the fullest realization of who they are here to be.

I apply this approach with coaches and their developing practices and businesses through my Rocket Launch Your Coaching Practice™️ and Marketing Bridge Method™️ group coaching programs.

Professional life coach Theresa Ann Stuesser
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Coach Trainer/Mentor

I believe wholeheartedly in the core competencies set forth by the International Coach Federation as a vehicle for personal and professional transformation. All coaches credentialed by the ICF are not only trained in the core competencies as part of their required instructional hours but must demonstrate their knowledge and experience via both a written and oral exam. A teacher at heart and a believer in the power of coaching culture, it feels natural that I serve as a trainer and mentor of coaches preparing for certification.

Personally and professionally, I resonate deeply with the values of relationship, purpose, integrity, creativity, humor, and connection, so it also feels natural that I currently serve as a coach trainer for the Preuss CoachLeader Academy. PCLA holds these values as their guiding principles.

Spiritual Mentor

A spiritual coach trained through the Seminary of Spiritual Peacemaking, I’ve coached individuals to bring peacemaking into their personal and professional lives. A trained intuitive through the California Board of Hypnotherapy, I hold an Angel Therapy Practioner® certificate and am a Usui Reiki II practitioner. I have keen intuition and a sense of when to go deeper or think bigger. For clients exploring deep personal growth or their spiritual path of healing and living an enlightened way of being, we can integrate the intuitive arts into our coaching agreement, create a mentor relationship or build a lifestyle practice to help you reach your goals. I have 20 years of experience in practices and modalities such as meditation, yoga, mantra and mudra, the chakra system, guided visualization and more.  I help clients connect deeply to the spirit of who they are and inspire them to be the CNO (chief navigational officer) consciously creating the personal world they want to live in.


A self discovery and self awareness junky, I’ve offered classes and workshops through my self development company, Mosaic of Self Institute, LLC since 2004. Four cornerstone beliefs shape my offerings:  1.) Aristotle’s belief that human beings have within them an innate intelligence of the potential and purpose within, 2.) Einstein’s belief that life is a creative process through which we are evolving and that a problem cannot be solved with the same level of consciousness that created it, 3.) Gandhi’s axiom, “We must be the change we wish to see in the world,” and 4.) The Dalai Lama’s statement that feminine leadership will save the world.

Educator and Administrator

With a BS in Education and specialized graduate trainging, I worked for schools in the Milwaukee and Phoenix metro areas where I specialized in transformational outcome-based education, holistic education and growth groups as an elementary school teacher, student teacher mentor, teacher trainer and assistant principal. When I notice patterns in my clients’ agendas or growth areas, it inspires me address their pain points or growth edges. I use their authentic needs as the ongoing platform for the Mosaic of Self Institute curriculum I write which is offered in the form of my classes, workshops, retreats and special events.

What education and training have I had?

  • Professional Certified Coach (PCC)

    International Coach Federation

  • CoachLeader Coach Trainer

    Preuss CoachLeader Academy

  • Experience ProductⓇ Certification

    Live Your Message / Marisa Murgatroyd

  • Professional Life Coach Certification

    University of Wisconsin – Madison

  • Spiritual Coach

    Seminary of Spiritual Peacemaking, Ashland, OR

  • Multiple Intelligences Training

    Arizona Department of Instruction

  • Outcome Based Education: Philosophy, Strategy & Implementation

    University of Wisconsin – Madison

  • Transformational Outcome Based Education Training

    Carroll College, Wisconsin

  • Writing Individual Education Plans for Special Needs Students

    Wisconsin Department of Instruction

  • Authentic Assessment Training

    University of Wisconsin – Madison

  • Hands-on Learning Training

    University Wisconsin – Parkside

  • A Conference Approach to Teaching and Learning

    Rosary Park College, IL

  • Wellness Wheel and Wellness Programming Training

    University of Wisconsin – Platteville

  • Bachelor of Science in Education

    University of Wisconsin – Platteville

Break out of your container and your comfort zone!

Theresa Ann Coaching can help you shift forward and make positive change. I want to make sure you feel comfortable going deeper and building a lasting relationship, which is why I offer a free complimentary 2-hour session. Schedule a free one-to-one coaching session today.

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