Work with Me

Wish you could get where you want to be faster? Have support and structure?

When you try to achieve your goals, but get stuck in overwhelm, fear, limiting beliefs, an unclear vision or a lack of energy, that's where I come in. I offer a safe space where you can get vulnerable and let your true self come through. Along the way, I throw you a rope to bring you back up, shed some light to widen your perspective, cover your back so you can explore some darkness, or give you a nudge to help you move forward. If you're stuck, I help you pause in order to shift gears and find purpose and direction. I help you honor what comes up on your path and explore what's deeper. I help you reach your destination if you hire me and show up fully. 


You've made the positive change or manifested your goal. You are feeling less stressed, reactive or unsatisfied. You have a sense of peace, balance or fulfillment now. How does it feel to know you invested in yourself and accomplished what you set out to do or are being who you want to be? How has your life changed? Who does this allow you to be now? How does this let you live now?

YOU CAN go from where you are now to where you want to be.

Coaching is an evidence-based process that can get you there faster.

Research shows...

3 sessions of 45 minutes per month for 3 months shows transformational results, so I like to use that formula as a no-brainer minimum for my engagements. (An engagement is the commitment we mutually agree upon and includes a written agreement and specified amount of time. An engagement is "our coaching journey." We may have more than one, and it may be on-going.)

You are worth it

It's important to me that you feel fully satisfied with my coaching and our engagement. I will only offer what I know to be a quality program and you can bring closure to our engagement whenever you feel you have "arrived" and are complete.

A program individualized to meet your needs

During your complimentary Shift Forward session, we'll explore and identify:

  • Where you want to be by the end of our engagement/what you want to accomplish
  • Your learning and communication style
  • What physical, mental, emotional and/or spiritual or energetic support you desire
  • How we want to "be" together (like...are you comfortable with me skillfully interrupting to help bottomline to give you the most value during a session, gently calling you out on something if I don't believe the story you're telling yourself)?
  • How/where we'll conduct our sessions. Options usually include:
          - Skype (local or out of area clients)
          - phone (local or out of area clients)
          - Military Ridge Trail (I offer "walking coaching")
          - my home office in Verona, WI
          - on location (if important to topic and sometimes for an additional travel fee)
  • How long you feel our engagement should last (it can always be changed)

What is a Shift Forward session?

My complementary Shift Forward sessions last two hours. We talk about what coaching is and is not, have an actual coaching session and answer your questions. You have nothing to lose and so much to gain! If it ends up not being the right time for you, or we don't fit, I only ask that you tell others about my coaching who you feel may benefit. Win-win!

I believe in my coaching programs so much that I'm offering your Shift Forward session at no charge. Not only are you going to walk away with valuable insights after getting to test drive coaching with me, I get to learn about you as a client. I want to work with quality clients. I like working with women with good energy. I like working with women who show up and make things happen that matter.

My Coaching is Risk Free

  1. After your first contracted session, if you are not satisfied with your services you may request to have your money back and we will not continue on to our second session.
  2. If at any time you need to take a break from our engagement, we will freeze your remaining sessions until you are ready to continue.
  3. Either of us can end our coaching engagement after your first contracted session, or if we feel the time is right to do so, and you will be refunded for any remaining sessions.

How does this work?

  1. Take a moment for a deep breath to connect with yourself. What comes to mind that you might want coaching on? (see what my clients have gotten coached on)
  2. Decide how important that outcome is to you. If it's important, read on:
  3. Schedule a complimentary Shift Forward coaching session at no charge  to see if coaching feels right for you. (schedule here)
  4. Decide if coaching is right for you and if we are a good match. If not, please pay it forward by referring a friend that  you think may benefit and be a match.
  5. Check out my coaching offerings to see if any feel right for you. (view offerings)
  6. If yes, purchase your package prior to our first paid coaching session. 
  7. Reserve a revolving time slot in my calendar. (view available times)
  8. Receive my welcome package and reap the reward of knowing you invested in yourself and are on your way to accomplishing what it is you'd like us to accomplish together!

Ready to buckle up and try it out?

Close your eyes, take a deep breath and feel your answer in your body. Do you get a yes? 

That's what She Said...

"I find it hard to express in words what working with you has done for me. The energy created during our sessions has been beyond amazing. ...Anyone thinking of partnering with a coach needs to book the complementary session to see if you are a match and if you are....well buckle up because you are in for an amazing adventure."  - Marjorie Scheib, Soul Shine Productions


The Coaching Pathways I specifically designed with women in mind...