What are Clients Saying?

"Buckle up..."

"I find it hard to express in words what working with you has done for me. The energy created during our sessions has been beyond amazing. ...Anyone thinking of partnering with a coach needs to book the complementary session to see if you are a match and if you are....well buckle up because you are in for an amazing adventure."  - Marjorie Scheib, Soul Shine Productions

"...perfect fit for to help women build themselves and their lives..."

 “Theresa is a perfect fit to help women build themselves and their lives to make their own personal commitment to living their life at its highest potential at all times. She has developed the personal tools that are needed in order to go to the next level. She uses them herself as she moves through life. She understands what it means to be stuck or have a bump in the road. By staying positive and applying the lessons of life, she shows where we all can go...much higher.” - Jo-Ann, Registered Nurse  

"My life is changing so dramatically since my private session..."

“My life is changing so dramatically and wonderfully since my private session. Thank you for the wonderful gift you bring to the world. You are an inspiration.” - Isobel, Scotland, Musician  

"You made a difference in my life..."

“You have been a major part of my life this year. I want to thank you for your guidance and words of encouragement. You made a difference in my life, and I will never forget you. Wishing you and a life filled with joy, peace, love and abundance. - Carmen Uribe, Student in Theresa Ann's "Living in Alignment with Your Highest Potential" 12-Week Telecourse  

"You helped me see..."

“You helped me see that when we change what we believe, or get really clear in what we believe, things happen in accordance to that.” - Karen Darby, CT, Minister of Spiritual Peacemaking

"Thank you for having eyes to see me..."

“Thank you for having eyes to see me in my heart and soul for who I really am within, and for encouraging me to be and come out of my pain and into my fullness.” - Cecilia, CA.  

"You listen fully, with an open heart..."

“You are remarkable in that you listen fully, with an open heart. You listen to what the person is saying with your whole being, you absorb their sadness and regret, and then, with love and compassion, and with a total lack of judgment, you give them a light to help them see why this moment is a perfect reflection of all the choices they have made in their life to this point. And then you give them a lamp to show them where they might consider making new choices to lead them to a place more filled with joy.”    - Michelle Duarte, Retreat Center Owner  

"...I thank you for your presence."

“The things you share come from such a deep place of love. They deeply resonate with me, and I thank you for your presence.” - Jeanette Hirt, IL, Course in Miracles Teacher, Interfaith Minister 

"...assisting me to remember who I AM."

“I am so grateful for having had the chance to know you and work with you as my coach. Thank you for being you and assisting me to remember who I AM. Om Shanti, Peace, Salaam, Shalom" - Cathy Ewing-Rinker, Spiritual Peacemaker, Change Agent  

"...helped me dearly with my anger issue..."

"Theresa has helped me dearly with my anger issue; I was so uncomfortable with this emotion. She has brought me light on how to separate myself from challenging situations and to heal the source of these negative emotions." - Chantal, Canada  

"...materials and management of discussions..."

“I must say that both Theresa’s materials and management of discussions proved to be one of the more useful things I can take back.  I look forward to more collaborating.”
- Joan LoPresti, American Council of Learned Societies  

"...commitment to the teaching profession..."

“Your dedication to the improvement of education and commitment to the teaching profession bring deserved recognition for you personally and your school district.” - Herbert Grover, former Wisconsin State Supt. of Instruction  

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