Schedule Appointment & Book Private Coaching

I believe women are leading positive change. Be the change you wish to see.

I have space available for TWO MORE WOMEN who want to start making positive change in their lives starting in May through private personal coaching! We work together via phone, Skype, text, email or in-person. We create a relationship that works for us and that we feel will take you where you want to be. Check my schedule for availability for a complementary, powerful conversation about what's coming up on your path right now and the potential for your future. My standard engagements are listed below.

Every coaching agreement with each individual client is unique. If you are feeling compelled and think I can help you, let's talk about what kind of arrangement will work for you. Though they are limited, I offer bartering, student, senior and scholarship rates when appropriate. Write to me here and tell me your story. 

Bartering Partnerships

I occasionally trade goods and/or services in exchange for personal coaching engagements. Write to me below to share your proposal.

Payment Plans

Do you need a payment plan to help support your investment to your personal or professional growth? Tell me your idea of a plan that would work for your budget and we can set up a time to create a workable agreement.