Meet Theresa

I'm ecstatic about building powerful relationships with women who want to make a positive impact.

Though all my clients aren't women, I work predominantly with women and have women in mind when I design my classes and events.

When the Dalai Lama said the world would be saved by the western woman, I knew I wanted to coach women to make that vision a reality. I help women feel healthy in their bodies and minds, and happy in their life. I assist passionate, committed women to embrace themselves, build integrity with themselves, learn to listen to their intuition and trust their wisdom. I help women develop their self awareness and vision for their life and coach them to use their minds, hearts, decision making and actions to lead their life and be the best, most authentic version of themselves they can be. 

If you hire me to be your coach, I'm your nonjudgmental confidant and ally to help you succeed.

Guiding you to get the most value possible from our relationship and sessions, I help you bottomline and focus on what's most important for you in the moment when you have a lot to process through. I care and listen deeply to what you are and are not saying. I ask the powerful questions that go bigger and deeper and that create the self awareness you need to find the answers inside of you. I coach you using coaching, wellness and behavior change best practices.

Coaching is self paced and as your coach I never dictate what you should do. I help you find the answers within yourself.

I know what it is to be strongly supported in my personal and professional life. I want to give other women the kind of support that I receive when I feel alone or feel like tasks, choices or transitions are too big to handle alone. I can help you get where you want to be faster, with empathy and love. A team for wherever you are going in your journey right now, we co-design a powerful alliance that feels just right for you right now. Need gentle hand holding through a sensitive patch of life? I can do that. Need tough love to help you buckle up and get out of your own way? Strong is the new beautiful, right?

What qualifies me to guide you on your journey(s)?

For 30 years I've dedicated my life to the study of human development, human tendency and human potential, believing we have within us the seed of potential to live our life to its fullest and the solutions that can help us make a positive impact. The first half of my professional journey was devoted to children. In my second half, I've tuned my mission to women.

A certified professional coach through the International Coach Federation, I can help you experience transformation and fulfillment, based on what transformation and fulfillment mean to you.

A small business owner and entrepreneur, I can support you in starting or running a small business. A community education instructor, I can teach you life skills and share wisdom, while giving back in local my community. A former teacher and school administrator, I can use my expertise in human development, individualized instruction and authentic assessment to guide you through self discovery and life visioning tools for greater self awareness. A former director for several public organizations, I know how to lead and how to guide you to lead. A trained intuitive and spiritual coach, I have keen intuition and a sense of when to go deeper and think bigger to help you find the answers within you. A mother of tween and teen daughters, I know the challenges and celebrations involved in raising children and navigating work/life balance and can assist you in the same. An adventurer, non-conformist and dreamer, I know how to think out of the box, be resourceful, use my creative spirit and explore possibilities to ask you the powerful questions that will assist you in finding answers and solutions that surpass your wildest imagination. f

What education and training have I had?

Associate Certified Coach (ACC)

International Coach Federation

Professional Life Coach Certification

University of Wisconsin - Madison

Spiritual Coach

Seminary of Spiritual Peacemaking, Ashland, OR

Multiple Intelligences Training

Arizona Department of Instruction

Outcome Based Education: Philosophy, Strategy & Implementation 

University of Wisconsin - Madison

Transformational Outcome Based Education Training

Carroll College, Wisconsin

Writing Individual Education Plans for Special Needs Students

Wisconsin Department of Instruction

Authentic Assessment Training

University of Wisconsin - Madison

Hands-on Learning Training

University Wisconsin - Parkside

A Conference Approach to Teaching and Learning

Rosary Park College, IL

Wellness Wheel and Wellness Programming Training

University of Wisconsin - Platteville

Bachelor of Science in Education

University of Wisconsin - Platteville

What turns me on?

Neuroscience, Right-Left Brain Balance, Quantum Physics, Somatics, Multiple Intelligences, Personality Assessments, Enneagram, Myers Briggs, DISC, Positive Psychology, Ayurveda, Chakras, Intuition, Card Readings, Mindfulness, Holistic and Natural Living, Edible and Native Plant Gardening, Cooking, Conscious Parenthood, Conscious Partnership, Reading, Writing, Art, Journaling, Photography, Meditation, Yoga, Weightlifting, Functional Exercise, Canoeing, Stand Up Paddle Boarding, Cycling, Camping, Hiking, Nature, Hammock Naps, Dancing, Live Music, Festivals, Website Design, Social Media, Solopreneurship, Being with My Daughters, Entertaining and Hosting Parties…and LIVING LIFE TO THE FULLEST!