Connect & Learn with Small Group Coaching

Small group coaching is about growing personally while connecting in support with others. Group coaching is similar to private coaching in its essence.

Grab a group of your friends or colleagues to form a Self-Development Squad where you can work through personal transformation together. Or get on the list to be a part of a Themed Coaching Co-op to share the cost and experience of coaching with a like-minded group on a unified topic while you each have individual goals.

Whether with a crowd of co-workers, a troop of friends or a group of strangers, small group coaching takes you through powerful conversation and navigational processes in a simultaneous individual and group process.

All groups create a agreement about how we want to work together. Then you gain awareness and learning not only from working with a professional,  ICF-credentialed life coach, but from each other as well. Groups offers support, connection and accountability.

Certified life coach Theresa Ann Stuesser

Group Coaching Co-op

Group Coaching Co-ops forming in Fall 2018!

Contact us below if you are interested in joining one of the following Coaching Co-ops (when we have 4-6, we can begin):

  • Healthy Eating Coaching Co-op: Explore ideas about food selection, food storage, meal planning and food prep to create live the food relationship and lifestyle you desire. You’re interested in sharing ideas, learning from others and having ongoing support.
  • Chakra Exploration Coaching Co-op: Learn how to use the chakras as a model and tool for creating happiness and self growth to help you be the you you want to be! You’re interested in experiential activities, on-going conversation, self reflection and forward action.
  • Small Business Coaching Co-op: Put the pieces together to start or grow your small business to experience life as an entrepreneur or solopreneur without feeling alone. You’re interested in exploring your business core values and vision, getting support as you put your building blocks together, learn and share with others in the early stages of creating a business and make accomplishments to move you toward your goals.

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Self-development squad with Theresa Ann Coaching

Self-Development Squad

Self Development Squad Coaching Available September 2018!

Contact us below if you have a group of 4-6 who want to form one of the following types of Self Development Coaching Squads:

  • Guided Visualization Squad: Each time I meet with your squad, I lead a guided visualization, there is an opportunity to share what came up and the self awareness you gained and how you might apply it in your lives. You take turns coaching on topics that come up through the process.
  • Life Visioning Squad: When I first meet with your squad, we begin to create vision boards, goals and navigational maps. You connect and share support to turn your dreams into reality while having accountability along the way.
  • Meditation & Mindfulness Squad: Practice meditation together in a group, share ideas for home practice and have powerful conversations about everyday mindfulness to feel more at peace in your life. You’re interested in exploring techniques and tools, having ongoing practice and incorporating mindfulness into your routines and relationships.
  • “Create Your Own” Squad: Your group of friends decides your own group topic and we’ll customize a “Squad” just for you! Enter your idea below and let’s get this ball rolling!

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Certified life coach Theresa Ann Stuesser offers group coaching for businesses and schools

Group Coaching for Business and Schools

Group Coaching for Small Businesses and Schools Starting Fall 2018

Contact us below if you are interested in having your group work with a coach on the following topics or topics of your own:

  • You want to do some team building to create trust, communication and a positive culture within your organization.
  • Your team wants assistance identifying what’s important now and in the future as you create outcomes and have short, focused group sessions that help you check progress along the way, moving you forward to your goals.
  • You want your team to learn and develop higher levels of emotional intelligence and soft skills.
  • You want your team to design an alliance that includes ideas of  what successful teaming would look like, an understanding of your core values, ideas for how you want to be together when the going gets rough and how you want to celebrate your team’s wins.

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Break out of your container and your comfort zone!

Theresa Ann Coaching can help you shift forward and make positive change. I want to make sure you feel comfortable going deeper and building a lasting relationship, which is why I offer a free complimentary 2-hour session. Schedule a free one-to-one coaching session today.

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