Become a Better Pair with Couples Coaching

Professional couples coaching is a proactive endeavor. Different than therapy or counseling it’s not at all about diagnosing dysfunction from the past. Future oriented, it allows you and your partner to discover yourselves more deeply as individuals and within your relationship as a couple, while actively supporting one another. You explore and create a shared vision and life plan and make positive growth and change together.

Couples coaching can be separate or go hand in hand with counseling or therapy. While it incorporates problem solving or conflict resolution, couples coaching isn’t centered around past events. You and your partner focus on your future and work together to outline individual and collective visions for your life.

You work as a team to raise your self awareness and invite new learning into your relationship. Rather than being about a coach telling you what is wrong with  your relationship or giving you a solution, I’ll guide you to find the answers within yourselves.

Couple in a fulfilling, loving relationship

You Want a Foundation for a Happy Future Together

Example of topics for coaching sessions:

  • You are engaged and want to get on the same page about your short and long-term life goals.
  • You want to create an agreement and plan about how you manage your day to day household responsibilities and have an ongoing discussion about how that’s working.
  • You want to be proactive and talk about how you want to handle it when things become challenging.
  • You want to explore bringing more mindfulness to your sexuality and your relationship in general.
Couple holding son

You Want to Be Better Parents

Example of topics for coaching sessions:

  • You want support with getting on the same page and being proactive about how you parent so your kids see you as a united team.
  • You want to help your children to self manage and develop healthy lifestyle habits in general.
  • You want to come up with a plan for spending time together and not losing yourselves as a couple while you are also giving a lot of your time and attention to  parenting.
  • You are divorcing and need to learn how to co-parent now that you’re going to be in a two-household family.
Couples Coaching with Theresa Ann Stuesser

You Are a Couple at the Crossroads

Example of topics for coaching sessions:

  • You want to find ways to rebuild intimacy and bring more spark into your relationship after 15 years of marriage.
  • You are considering openingy your relationship and want help exploring and designing an agreement of what that might look like.
  • You are at a rough spot in your relationship and want assistance sorting through the muck and deciding if you should stay together or go your separate ways.
  • You are retired and need help planning and carrying out a legacy project to give back to your community.

Break out of your container and your comfort zone!

Theresa Ann Coaching can help you shift forward and make positive change. I want to make sure you feel comfortable going deeper and building a lasting relationship, which is why I offer a free complimentary 2-hour session. Schedule a free one-to-one coaching session today.

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