Take a slow, deep breath.

Hold, while you call to mind the intentions you have for yourself and your life in this moment.

Release your breath.

Using your intuition and body wisdom, KNOW or FEEL which tools below are right for you right now...

Self Awareness (Who am I? Where am I at)

Inner Child Journey (Individualized Guided Visualization with Theresa)

Take a walk on your wild side, adventurous side, creative side or whatever side you need right now as you meet your inner child and he or she greets and treats you to gifts of insight, guidance and direction.

Chakra Journey (Private or Group Activity Led by Theresa)

Explore and answer a series of powerful questions correlating with the seven power centers of your body-mind and the upward and downward current of energy that travels through the seven chakras. Contemplate and identify how you’re doing with caring for your own basic needs, your relationships, owning your power, engaging life with heart, expressing your truth, listening and following your intuition and cultivating and sharing your wisdom. Create a forward action plan to assist you in opening to your greatest possibilities and making them part of your reality.

Saboteur Smack-Down (Private or Group Activity Led by Theresa)

Go back in time to activate the small voices inside of you that can sometimes be so noisy and feel so large as they act out their roles as naysayers and bringer downs or other characters who, though they may be trying to help, can really get in your way and hold you back, keeping you from being your most authentic self and living your fullest life. Get the opportunity to gain awareness of why they are within you, how they try to help and how you can set them free, maybe even by meeting their counterparts, your inner heroes or wise inner council.

Visioning & Purpose (What’s important? Where am I going?)

Life Wheel Mosaic (Guided Visualization with Theresa OR Do on Your Own)

Assess how fulfilled you are in the aspects of your life that matter most to you right now. Use powerful questions about your life mosaic that could cause you to make move in a new direction, lighten your load in order to help you gain momentum, shift your perspective to help see more clearly or give you direction so you know where you are going.

Living on Target (Private or Group Activity Led by Theresa)

Discover how “on target” you are with what you want to be experiencing in your life as you explore what you give your attention to, what’s most important and what’s questionable. Powerful questions help you identify what changes you can make to hit bullseye. This tool can be a real game changer!

The Goldfish Bowl (Private or Group Activity Led by Theresa)

Investigate the "containers" you live in as you “try on” different scenarios of change in your environment and relationships. Bring awareness to current structures and habits (human habitats) and dive into possibilities that could exist when you give yourself room to grow. Leave with important take-aways and forward action for your personal or professional growth and evolution.

Gift from Future Self (Private or Group Activity Led by Theresa)

Journey to a place where you meet your future self and have the opportunity to not only observe him/her, but ask questions that can bring gifts of guidance toward short and long-term vision and forward action. (Adapted from Coach Training Institute)

Direction & Action (How will I Get There in Next Steps?)

Hawt Mess ( Private/Group Guided Visualization/Activity Guided by Theresa)

Turn up the heat with yourself as you feel what is dissonant with not having direction. Go deeper within your feelings to sort through and chaos or overwhelm. Explore the edges of the hard stuff in order to clean up your priorities and get your bearings straight. Bring a sense of calm organization and focus to drive and navigate a clearer path to forward and bridge the gap between where you are and where you want to be. 

Stuck in the Muck (Private Guided Visualization with Theresa)

Go deeper with the challenges, obstacles or whatever is making you feel stuck. Using somatics and physicality along with your own body wisdom and emotional intelligence, create awareness and shifts in perspective to gain insights and unlock your mind, body and spirit to create forward movement and  momentum on your path.

Control Center Update (Private or Group Activity Led by Theresa)

Explore what you believe you do and do not have control over in your life as you build greater awareness of how you truly can make positive impact and change in your personal and/or professional environments and relationship with yourself and others. Go deeper by exploring the values behind your personal automatic operating system ("OS") in order to update your program to support what you really want and attract that to your life.