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A fan of life-long learning, I founded Mosaic of Self Institute™ (MOSI) in 2004 and in recent years have shifted from teaching online courses to holding classes in my local community. Less brick and mortar and more school of thought, my offerings are available through the Verona Area Community Education Program and will also be housed in a new location in Verona (top secret for now) beginning fall of 2018.

Using crowdsourcing to keep a finger on the pulse of the authentic needs of my community, the curriculum I offer is based on what you are curious about learning. The classes and workshops include everything from life visioning and goal setting to healthy lifestyle and using the Chakra System as a path to self awareness. Upcoming topics are listed below.

Requested self-development class and workshop topics you’ve sent in for me to consider:

  • Women’s Mind, Body Spirit Wellness
  • Life Visioning and Goal Setting
  • Using the Chakra System as a path to Self Awareness & Personal Growth
  • Using your Circle of Influence to Create Positive Change
  • Meditation and Guided Visualization
  • Holistic Living and Lifestyle
  • Heathy Eating and Food Prep
  • Creating Sexual Health and Wellness Naturally
  • Core Values Exploration
  • Creating Equanimity in Relationships
  • Soft Skills for Men
  • Creating a New Chapter through Divorce

Stay tuned for upcoming classes and workshop dates!


Break out of your container and your comfort zone!

Theresa Ann Coaching can help you shift forward and make positive change. I want to make sure you feel comfortable going deeper and building a lasting relationship, which is why I offer a free complimentary 2-hour session. Schedule a free one-to-one coaching session today.

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